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Submission Quality Guidelines

Look, we’re trying to build the best quality photographers directory in Australia here. Quality is at the core of what we want to achieve and we would love other people who are obsessed by quality to be part of this.

Quality takes a bit of effort. We don’t expect you to be Michelangelo, but we look for a certain level of quality in submissions that we will display on this site. So here are a few guidelines for you to stick by if you want to list your photography business on Light Stalking.


You are able to upload up to 5 images in your portfolio gallery. We strongly suggest you use all 5. Make them a good representation of what you are capable of and an accurate example of the types of results that a client could expect from you.

Image Dimensions: Images on your page will be displayed at 448×270 pixels. For best results and to ensure your images are not distorted, you should crop to those dimensions before uploading.


This is where you sell yourself in words. Make it count. We strongly recommend at least 300 words describing who you are, what your history in photography is, what you specialise in and who you have shot before. Let people get to know you. Our own tests would suggest that content that is longer will win in the competition to convert readers into clients, so regard 300 words as a minimum. Don’t try an do shady things like sneak extra links into your description either – the place for your link is in the website box.

Social Media Accounts:

People who want to hire you will want to get to know you first. If you are active on social media then we strongly recommend that you fill out as many of your social media accounts as you can.


You are obviously unable to give yourself a review. But there is a reason that huge websites like have prominent user reviews – it makes people buy! If you are serious about getting clients from this directory, then you would be well advised to contact your old clients and ask them to leave a review on your listing. This will help you get found and increase the amount of enquiries that you get.